Awards and recognition

During our long years of service , Melvin Brothers Limited has earned several awards and accreditations. This has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the field.


Here is a list of some our awards and commendations:

  • Achilles Certificate of Accreditation Building Confidence
  • Constructionline Silver 
  • Betafence Pro-Net Chartered Contractor (10 year guarantee) 
  • Betafence Silver Award 2013


Employee Certification Awards:


  • CSCS - 8nr Employees
  • NPORS - 4nr Employees
  • IPAF - 3nr Employees
  • Abrasive Wheels - 5nr Employees
  • Disclosure Scotland
  • Cable Avoidance Safety - 6nr Employees
  • First Aid - 8nr Employees
  • PASMA - 1nr Employee
  • SMSTS/SSSTS - 5nr Employees


All of our employee certification is kept up to date to ensure full compliance with legislation, we are always working towards new certification to allow our employees to have a wide variety of skills and certificates. If there is any sort of training required for a specific site or contract we will look into obtaining this for works.


Quality Policy Statement The company is dedicated to the quality policy that will ensure that it’s products and services fully meet the requirements of it’s customers at all times. The goal of the company is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. The goal of the company is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. Commitment to the implementation of supporting managerial and business operational systems is essential to realising that goal. Melvin Brothers Ltd believes in the concept of client and supplier working together in pursuing this policy and in continually striving for improvements in service quality. The quality policy is based on 3 fundamental principles: Ensuring that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers. Looking at our service provision processes, identifying the potential for errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them. Everyone understanding how to do their job and doing it right first time. To ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be responsible for identifying customer requirements, and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to meet those requirements. Objectives needed to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and that continual improvement is maintained in line with the spirit of the policy, will be set, determined and monitored at Management Review. The quality policy principles and objectives will be communicated and available to staff at all times. Training will be an integral part of the strategy to achieve the objectives. We are all committed to operating continuously to this standard and we will maintain the necessary Quality Approvals consistent with out customer requirements. Our company will constantly review and improve on our services to ensure tasks are completed in the most cost effective and timely manner for the benefit of all our customers. We shall ensure that all our personnel understand and fully implement our Company’s policies and objectives and are able to perform their duties effectively through an ongoing training and development programme. The Managing Director has the overall review on Quality and will strive to maintain the high quality which our customers deserve.
MELVIN BROTHERS LIMITED EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES Our company aims to observe and comply with all statutory requirements to ensure equal opportunities in employment. When recruiting, we do not discriminate on the grounds of Race, Nationality, Ethnic Origin, Sexual Orientation, Sex, Age, Disability, Social Background, Marital Status, People suffering from HIV, Financial Status or Religion.
MELVIN BROTHERS LIMITED ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY STATEMENT It is the policy of Melvin Brothers Limited to take into full account environmental aspects of all it’s operations and activities with the aim of reducing all adverse impacts on the natural environment. Essentially the company aims are: To comply with all demands of environmental legislation and approved codes of practise and co-operate fully with statutory and non-statutory bodies to achieve this. To assess the likely environmental effects of our activities from design through to production and also consider closely the use and ultimate disposal of our products and services in order to achieve and reflect best practise in environmental management where reasonably practical and economic. To ensure that management, staff, suppliers, customers etc are aware of our environmental concerns and co-operate in implementing the necessary standards to enable the Company to achieve it’s environmental goals. To achieve these aims the company has put in place arrangements and responsibilities, which will ensure that this policy shall be fully implemented. _____________________________________________________________________ As part of our environmental policy Melvin Brothers Limited contacted ‘SCOTTISH ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (S.E.P.A)’ in order to obtain a licence for controlled waste. Please see our Waste Carriers Licence Certificate. Melvin Brothers Ltd use a fully qualified licensed waste removal firm for skip removals off site. Documentation relating to these third parties can be processed through ourselves.
MELVIN BROTHERS LTD HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ETC ACT 1974 GENERAL POLICY STATEMENT 1. This company regards the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels. 2. It is therefore this company’s policy to do all that is reasonable to prevent injury and damage to property and to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards, including the public insofar as they come into contact with the company or it’s products. 3. In particular, this company has a responsibility:- To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, taking account of any statutory requirements. To provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently. To make available all safety devices and protective equipment and to supervise their use. To maintain a constant and continuing interest in health and safety matters applicable to the company’s activities, in particular by consulting and involving employees. 4. Employees have a duty to co-operate in the operation of this policy:- By working safely and efficiently. By using the protective equipment provided, and by meeting statutory obligations. By reporting incidents that have lead (or may lead) to injury or damage. By adhering to company procedures for securing a safe workplace. By assisting in the investigation of accidents with the object of introducing measures to prevent a recurrence. 5. Overall responsibility of health and safety in the company is that of Andrew Melvin, Managing Director. Ronnie or Scott Melvin, Director is responsible for health and safety in the managing directors absence. The Company’s managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the day to day enforcing of this policy is carried out. 6. This general Policy Statement will be kept under review in the interest of health and safety of the premises, and will be amended when necessary 7. The Health and Safety of our employees will not be compromised for other company objective, e.g. money or otherwise. Health and Safety is the most important issue and will always be carried out with this in mind.

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